Portonovo Wild Mussels

The Portonovo Wild Mussel, king of the table throughout the bay, is a Slow Food presidium since 2004.

Moscioli are wild mussels growing naturally in the stretch of sea between Pietralacroce (Ancona) and Sirolo. Their taste is delicious and quantity limited, that’s why the catch is controlled by local authorities. In 2004 Slow Food created the Presidium for the Mosciolo Selvatico di Portonovo, to safeguard the value of this rare species.

The mosciolo is the protagonist of Portonovo kitchens: try it as a sauce for pasta, or simply “alla tarantina”; stuffed with minced meat and parmisan, grilled or raw, with just a dash of fresh lemon juice.

You can find the mosciolo exclusively in this area and once a year it becomes the protagonist of a dedicated festival: Mosciolando.