The Riviera del Conero

From Ancona to Sirolo, passing through Numana, Camerano and the fascinating hinterland, where Osimo, Loreto, and the Land of Castles lay.

Portonovo bay is one of the most striking places along the Riviera del Conero, a marvelous territory which develops amidst the Mediterranean scrub, at the foot of Monte Conero, the only Italian promontory on the Adriatic coast.

The areas surrounding Portonovo offer several occasions for a quick immersion into nature, history and local traditions.

Walkers can follow one of the many trails on the Mount Conero and discover breathtaking views, while the seaside towns of Numana and Sirolo will capture you with their narrow streets, shops and markets.

You can go to Osimo, to visit the famous underground city, or in Ancona, on foot through the charming itinerary from sea to sea (from the area of the Passetto, down to the harbor of the city) and then up to the Cathedral of St. Ciriaco, through the narrow streets of the old town center.

Going a little bit towards the inland, you can visit the medieval village of Offagna, home each year of the famous Medieval festivals, reaching the town of Osimo to discover the caves or go to Loreto, with its Basilica that houses the Black Madonna, a destination for religious tourism from all over the world.

For lovers of archeology, the area around Monte Conero offers an archaeological park of the Piceno civilization, with a rich museum: the Antiquarium of Numana.